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Taman Bunga Kertas Tuanku Lailatul Shahreen

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Taman Merdeka

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Denai Larian Pengkalan Asam

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Chuping Sugar Cane Farm, Perlis is the largest sugar cane plantation in Malaysia with an area of 8062 hectares. It is the hottest area in Malaysia, where the highest temperature ever recorded was 40.1 degrees Celsius on 9 April 1998.


Dataran Rindu Alam

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Laman Brasmana Kuala Perlis

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Tasik Melati Recreational Park


Melati Lake is a small and lovely lake . It is located in the lowland swamps and about 8 miles from east Kangar. Melati Lake is a shallow lake. More than 150 cliff islands can be see from Melati Lake. Boats are available for visitors who want to paddle and enjoy the scenery.


Sungai Batu Pahat Recreational Park

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Genting Kubu Waterfall


Wang Kelian State Park

wang kelian

Wang Kelian is a heaven for those who love nature and eco-tourism. It is situated at the Thai border, nestled in a 1,000 hectar Mata Ayer Forest Reserve. Its biodiversity forms a priceless wealth for the country. Its limestone jungle is also rich in flora and fauna including various types of birds, mammals and reptiles. For lovers of jungle trekking, the journey starts at the campsite and ends at Gua Wang Burma caves.


Perlis State Park

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Putra Golf Club


Snake & Reptile Farm

ularThe Snake and Reptile Park of Perlis is the only one of its type in Malaysia. One can find various species of snakes here, both in the closed or open air exhibition areas where visitors have the opportunity to get close to these exotic animals in an environment closest to their natural habitats. There are about 150 snakes from 34 species here, 25 of them of the local species and 9 from other parts of the world. Of those 10 species are poisonous while the rest are not. Among the types of snakes found here are pythons, branded cobras, ladle cobras, red tailed cobras, axe ‘bakau' cobras, buffalo's ribs and crab cobras, including the sugar cane and umbrella ‘katam' as well as the ‘punti'. The most poisonous snake here is the spraying cobra while the heaviest is a python weighing 80 kg. with a length of 23 ft. Visitors can also find other animals and reptiles here including the hedgehog, otters, jungle monitor lizards including one with 2 tails, horned frogs, the ijok, iguanas and tuntungs.



Bird Park


Herb Garden

It was established in 1988 with 12 hectares of wide coverage, Herb Garden function's to display medicinal plants collection used especially by the locals and other medicinal plants generally. It can be presumed as medicinal plant museum whereby this park is open to all visitors all over the country who wish to find out and to know the plant types and usage. The plants collections consist of a natural wild plants in-situ, other medicinal plants from other places which were introduced long time ago in this country. Until year 2000, Herbs Garden Collection has almost 600 species. Among the famous plants here are Tongkat Ali, Kacip Fatimah, Cekor, Halia, Serai, Mengkudu, Selasih, Kayu Manis and others. Some of the plants are the normal type of plants that can be found around our homes such as Hibiscus Flower, Bunga Tahi Ayam, Senduduk, Pokok Kapal Terbang, Sireh, Kesom, Pinang and Banana. They were displayed for the purpose of information to the visitor on the real value of medicinal plants to the human kind.