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  • To be responsible on the planning and development control of areas under MPK's jurisdiction so as to achieve the proposed goals.
  • To be responsible on making these goals with good planning and building development within its area.

  • To plan and implement socio-economic development programmes while coordinating as well as with the help of the State and Federal Governments.

  • To ensure that all buildings are built following the building by-laws as well as the physical guideline requirements.

  • To ensure that the planning and implementation of development projects; as well as the maintenance of infrastructures are done properly for the benefit of the public.

  • To establish an assessment rate and rental system that is fair through the effective valuation and management of properties.

  • To provide a town service that is satisfactory through the process of efficient supervision.

  • To ensure that green areas within the MPK's jurisdiction are interestingly landscaped with recreational and children's parks which are properly maintained.